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Sol-Set Football Cards Series 1



Starting with Series 1, Sol-Set Football Cards will come with a new collection of cards every month. Each collection or "set" will consist of one position, a unique style, with multiple parallels. Collectors will look to get the whole set and find rare rookie, rated rookie, all-star, hall-of-fame, and autograph cards.

Each set will feature 50 players in the base set (425 per player including inserts), and there will be 4 parallels of each base with varying rarity. More rare will be Rookies, Rated Rookies, All-Stars. The most rare will be Auto and Hall-of-Fame cards with only one auto of each parallel cards available, get them while you can!

All together there will be mint of 47,000 total Sol-Set Series 1 Football cards. 

Timeline: The first set should be ready and minted by Mid Febuary. Every month after there will  be another position released of Series 1 until all positions have been released, then series 2 will come out with an all new design and all new parallels and players. Again every set will have 47000 minted Sol-Set Football Cards. 

Sol-Set Football Creator: Joseph Mesplay (Chrondon84)

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